Trader Terms, Conditions & Info

First of all, thank you to all traders past and present for supporting our festival and welcome to new traders!

I am keeping the pitch fees at the same low price for the third year running now to show my support for you and your businesses but this year I am including the caveat that these prices are only available to those booking early (before 30th April 2019).


If this is a problem then please do get in touch as cash flow is important for me to be able to pay for the event but I do understand that it is an issue for you too.

Mostly I want to ensure that people aren't booking multiple events in and then choosing which one to pay for and attend at the last minute because this might mean that I get less traders than anticipated or that I am suddenly overbooked or that I turn away similar traders to leave you a place if you don't attend.

At the bottom of the page you will find links to our trader registration form that can be filled in online. If you need to make any changes then please contact me.

All other links and useful contact details are at the bottom of the page and don't forget to connect with us on facebook to keep up to date with information and to interact with our public, pirates and other traders in the run up to the event.

Trader Insurance - it is a legal requirement to have public liability insurance, please upload your insurance docs on the form or email them to me at

Risk assessments - It is a legal requirement (and a requirement of the site) for me to provide risk assessments for all traders, this shows that you are aware of any potential risks to yourself, your staff and the public that may be posed by your stall and shows that you have considered these and taken steps to minimise the risks. 

If you don't have a risk assessment then please feel free to download our free blank copy shown at the bottom of the page. I have also included an example copy to give you some guidance if you're unsure what to write - I'm happy for you to use this example copy as your own but please fill in the correct details and also add in a few bits of your own that are pertinent to your specific stall.

Terms and Conditions of Trading and Information

1. Arrivals:

Arrivals are allowed during the following times: 

Wednesday 28th August: 14:00 - 18:00 

Thursday 29th August: 10:00 - 18:00 

Friday 30th August 10:00 till late

Arrivals notes:

(The security gates will usually be closed at 18:00 (6pm) If you are arriving later then please let me know and I will open the gates for you. If you are detained en route then you can call the number that I will leave at the gate so that we can let you in.)

Saturday arrivals are not permitted as the public will be on site and vehicle movements will be prohibited on the event field - I MAY make a special case if you are able to arrive very early and set up but if you are held up and get there late you may not be allowed to trade and no refunds will be able to be made at that point so I would prefer everyone to be there at some point Friday no matter how late!

Please let me know when you will be arriving if you can so that we can be there to meet you.

Please be aware that I will be very busy on the day and I will not be checking messages. If you need to contact me you will need to call me. I will not be able to listen to voice messages on the day.

2. Vehicles on site:

Vehicles may drive onto the event field to set up your stall. Any vehicles that have not been granted permission to remain on the field will then need to be parked in the Trader Parking Area.

Vehicles will not be allowed to drive on and off the event field at any time during the day Saturday and Sunday

You may move vehicles after 17:00 Saturday if you need to but please be very wary of people on the field and drive very slowly.

You may move vehicles carefully after 17:00 Sunday if you wish to leave that night.

Disabled badge holders will be given a labelled parking space in the disabled parking area next to the event field.

Others who need parking close to the event field will be accommodated according to availability.

3. Leaving early

If you need to pack up early then you will need to contact a steward or festival staff member and let us arrange safe passage for your vehicle.

You will need to be patient and considerate of the activities going on around you at this time.

If it is an emergency then we will move you asap. If you just feel like leaving early then I would ask you to be considerate of the event and please stay until 17:00 on Sunday to allow the event to continue unhindered.

We aim to be helpful and understanding but please consider the event as a whole and the impact it would make, visually, if you decide to pack up early.

4. Pitches available:

This year we are lucky enough to have been given an area inside the manor. This is a conference space that is also used as their event bar (which will not be open during our event).

This is totally secure and heated/ lit and will be locked each evening with only the Manor Manager having the keys for access so your stock will be secure but you will not be allowed to 'camp' inside next to your stock. It is completely covered by CCTV and will be opened by the manor staff each morning for you.

Pitches will cost the same as a standard outdoor pitch but spaces will be limited and preference will be given to people who don't have a trading tent (small traders who just have a table) and to traders who would be adversely affected by rain and unable to risk trading outdoors. Indoor pitches will only be given to people who need them initially and then will become open for other applications.

If you wish to trade inside then please let me know by adding a note to one of the sections on the registration form and I will either book you in for one or put you on the standby list. SMALL stalls only please.

The indoor space is at the back entrance to the manor, adjacent to the festival ticket gate and indoor toilets. We will include signs to point people towards our indoor trading area.

5. Prices:

Your pitch fee will include an allowance for 2 adults and 2 dependent children. This will hopefully cover everyone but if you have more staff or children then please let me know. I aim to be fair but please be considerate that we are a small event and I can't be providing camping and tickets for extended family and friends so bear this in mind as tickets aren't expensive and the trader fee is very reasonable.

A standard pitch indoors or outdoors is £50

Our standard pitches should fit most of you but if you are going to be longer or wider than 8m then we may charge you for a large pitch which will be £75

No electric is available - there may be some plugs available for indoor pitches but only for card machines or phones - no high use items as this will be charged to us by the manor.

6. What if I'm a new trader? A different kind of trader or a special case?

If, for example, you are a wandering trader. Maybe someone who wanders the site drawing portraits, a busker or offering some other service that doesn't require a trading pitch then I am happy to come to some other arrangement.

If you regularly ply your trade elsewhere and know that you would usually make more than the standard pitch fee then please just pay as normal. If you are trying this for the first time then I may be able to give you a free trader placement as long as you agree to pay either the standard pitch fee at the end of the weekend or an agreed percentage of your takings. I may also elect to just ask you to give a portion of your takings to our charities. Please contact me on the details at the bottom of the page to discuss this.

If you are a charity then I will also consider a different arrangement if you contact me to discuss it.

If you 'perform' or provide a display as part of your stall (ie a blacksmith giving demonstrations as well as selling your wares) then I may be able to give you a pitch fee reduction or a free pitch by arrangement.

7. Food and alcohol traders

I am pretty much sorted for food and alcohol traders but you can contact me just in case a space has become available. I can also give you details of other events that might suit you from the pirate network.

8. Food and alcohol on site

This year we are running our own bar and you will be able to purchase keg real ale and cider, mead and a selection of spirits, mixers and soft drinks.

You are allowed to being your own booze on site but please don't bring your own into the bar or the bar area.

Hot food will be available from our caterers and we always have vegetarian and vegan options available. If you have other needs then please note this in the space provided on the registration form and I will contact you to let you know what we have available for you.

You are more than welcome to bring your own food but please only cook on raised fires or camping cookers so as not to mark or damage the ground.

The food traders will be active from Friday at the latest and we may have some open before that.

The bar will be open Friday afternoon up to Sunday night and we will be serving from 10am in the morning through till late (2am)

9. Disabilities, illnesses, injuries and conditions

If you have any of the above then please indicate this, if you wish, on the space allocated on the trader registration form. The forms are only available to be viewed by myself, Helen Prentice-Evans (Eilidh Smuggler).

I will not share your information with anyone unless given permission to do so or in the event of an emergency (such as needing to inform the first aiders in the event of an incident).

I will detail that you have special requirements (if you do) to my committee, in order that we discuss where to best site you but this will only be along vague lines stating your requirement without divulging your personal information (ie Stall 'X' has mobility issues and needs to be in such and such an area).

If you have any allergies or conditions which require medication then please make sure you are wearing any medical alert jewellery that you might have and have any medication that you might need on your person in the event of a medical emergency.

We are very welcoming and understanding as many of our re-enactors and festival organisers have their own disabilities and conditions so we understand and we really want to help you.

If you suffer from any mental illnesses or behavioural conditions then you are welcome to tell me if you feel that you would like to do so and feel free to tell me how I can best assist you to have a good event. I am happy to let you know about any possible triggers that might affect you but please ask if you're unsure.

Possible triggers that I can think of off the top of my head include:

  • Gun fire and cannon fire

  • Swordfighting and hand to hand fighting scenarios/ displays

  • PA announcements

  • Live music

  • Live parrots on display and possibly walking around the event

  • Dogs on site (on leads)

  • Ferret cuddles and racing display

  • Real fires as part of the living history display

  • Shouting on the battlefield

10. Security

We have security personnel on site and the site is somewhat covered by CCTV. The gates are locked at night and we are fairly secure because of our rural location. We recommend that you keep your stall attended and don't leave valuables out at night but we are a fairly safe event.

11. Pets and service animals

Pets are very welcome (on a lead please) as are service animals. Please clean up after your dogs and feel free to let them accompany you into the bar area or any other festival area but be aware that you may need to hold them on a tight lead around the ferret enclosure so as not to let any of our ferrets become injured.

In conclusion: 

By registering as a trader you will need to tick the 'yes' box to indicate that you have read this information. 

In short you are agreeing that you understand the prices, the dates and times for arrival and leaving and the restrictions on vehicle movements on site.

If you would like to discuss anything with me then please contact me using the details below (or my mobile 07411 132940)

The blank risk assessment is in PDF format you so can print and fill in and scan or use a PDF editor.

I will upload a Word copy soon to allow you to fill it in and email it straight back.