see what traders we have booked below ! 


Come and see this lovely, local, handmade steampunk and goth jewellery and accessories. You can also find various bits and pieces of steampunk paraphernalia and hand-decorated top hats.

Emma is visiting as a trader for the first time this year so we would like to give her a warm B.O.B welcome and I hope you will be as delighted and impressed with her beautiful stock as we are!

Amy's Curiosities & Steampunk Emporium

A new trader for B.O.B festival this year!

Amy's Emporium sells leather items, jewellery and also a selection of walking canes and curio's.

They will be outside on the event field so please come and support them and give them a huge B.O.B welcome.

Andy Burke Historical Shoes & Boots

A long-standing re-enactor and a friend to B.O.B for many years.


Andy Burke is a local, Welsh shoemaker specialising in footwear for use in re-enactment, theatre, historical display, live role play and what ever else you can think of!


He also makes bespoke modern and weddings shoes and pirate boots. All made in the UK by himself!

Come and visit him with our authentic traders for commissions of superb quality, authentic footwear.

Bag O' Rags

Visiting us again from the deepest depths of Cornwall (where they usually ply their trader from a real ship!)

Bag O' Rags stocks everything you'll ever need to fulfill your piratical needs!


They have it all. Weaponry, clothing, hats, ladies pirate wear, flags, children's pirate accessories including books on pirates and mermaids and fantastic sea monsters. They have Gothic, Celtic and Steampunk clothing and jewellery.

It's always a pleasure to welcome them back to our event so come and see them or check them out online for pre-orders first!

Bernie's Gems

Bernie's Gems sell a wonderful range of ornament, gifts, jewellery and the occasional costume item too! They are regulars at Tewkesbury medieval festival and will be making their first foray into B.O.B Piracy this year so please come along and support them!

Bernie makes some lovely jewellery items in a pirate theme as well as having lots of other goodies based around fantasy and medieval themes.

Betty's Black Magic

Betty's Black magic is another new trader for B.O.B 2019 and they will be selling some wonderful, hand-crafted, cuddly ZOMBIES! How cool!

They also sell a variety of leather gifts and jewellery items and you will find them outside on the event field.

Ceolred Monger

Ceolred Monger makes, sources and supplies replica historical stuff to museums, film companies, theaters, re-enactors & LARPers. 

They make wonderful wooden swords, authentic costume items and replicas and have a wealth of knowledge about re-enactment clothing and equipment.

Their stuff is lovely and they are incredibly friendly and approachable if you have questions about kit or equipment. They also specialise in educational projects and can provide entertainment and group activities to delight and enthuse budding historial enthusiasts so do check out their website for further details or click on the image to visit their facebook page.

Derbyshire Arms

Back again this year we have one of the premier suppliers of pirate weaponry in the form of blank firing and replica pistols, muskets and assorted other guns.

You can check out their available stock using the link below!

They also do gun repairs and sell spares and blanks as well as accessories, flints, gun oil and cleaning kits.

You'll find them at the far end of the field with the other historic traders so if you're looking for a weapon then this is the place to come!

Earth Magick

Visit Earth Magick for crystals from the humble tumble, to large clusters, plus suncatchers, and Festival Clothing!

Not to be missed - they are new this year so give them a piratical welcome!

Eclipse Designs

Eclipse designs are back with us for the 3rd year in a row now, selling their lovely handmade jewellery, bags, light boxes and accessories.


You can also find decorative items, such as dreamcatchers, gemstones and alternative ornaments.

Flintlock's Pirate Emporium

They used to be called Jewellery Quarter but this yer they are back under a brand new pirate name of Flintlock's Pirate Emporium!

They handmake a lat of their wares and supply unique and interesting wares. They have fully embraced the pirate life now and are part of the crew and can supply you with:

Jewellery, findings, beads and supplies and handmade crafts. They are suppliers of quirky, lovely things in the steampunk and pirate style such as jewellery, hats , accessories, telescopes, vintage goodies, ornaments and signs.

Granny Jan's Grown-up Jams

Maker and purveyor of exquisite preserves, sauces, cordials and flavoured meads Taking home a delicious jar of jam or chutney is a must when visiting Granny Jan and the flavours are wonderously inventive! Visit them to try a delicious sample and you'll be sure to want to take some home with you!


GRhitings handmakes jewellery and gifts to suit all ages, tastes and budgets. With a variety of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pictures, decorated bags, decorated glasses and much more, there is something for everyone from this great, local stallholder!

Yet another new trader for this year, come and see her and give her a big B.O.B welcome to the world of piracy!

Honest Jim's Wanderin Shop

"Everything you want but never knew existed!"

Truly an experience more than just a shop. Honest Jim is a stalwart of the Pirate and Viking scene, among other things and sells a veritable plethora of hand-made leather items, interesting bags (boarskin heads anyone?), drinking vessels, jewellery, items of clothing, knives, buttons and loads more.

You absolutely must stop by and read the shop signs and if you're very lucky then you might see Honest Jim himself fighting with his preferred weapons of a giant spoon or a hammerhead 'battle-shark'!


Visit the wondrous Koocando for Weapons, Metal Swords, Wooden Swords & Shields, Sticks & Staffs, Chimes, Trinkets & Treasures, Toys, Musical Instruments, Lanterns & Torches, Bags & Boxes, Shiny's & Non Shiny, & Good Old Fashioned Rope.

Don't forget to check them out online too for special offers or festival pre-ordering to make sure that they bring what you desire to the event for you!

Those of you looking for replica weapons need to check these out!


Another brand new trader for you all this year!

Lucilla Jones is a local artist and illustrator who makes totes, bags, cushions and stickers as well as her fabulous drawings. She also takes commissions so make sure you ask her if you have something specific in mind that you'd like designed!

Lurcher Gallery

Lurcher Gallery were with us in 2017 so we welcome them back again this year and we are very excited to have them back because although they couldn't be there last year, they made the wonderful wedding outfit that my husband wore for our handfasting last year at BOB festival!


They are a Steampunk Emporium, selling clothes, hats, replica guns and curios etc.

Another stalwart of the Wee Crafty Folk co-operative, Lurcher Gallery can take commissions for replica pirate costumes so contact them NOW for items to be ready for BOB. They have a 6 to 8 week commission period depending upon how busy they are but their items are superbly made and very reasonably priced for such fine craftsmanship!


A very warm welcome back to Kirsty and George to the pirate fraternity this year!

They have a lovely range of incense, alternative gifts, children's toys and so much more.

They will be located indoors this year at our indoor trader area so come and find them and gaze in wonder at all their lovely stuffs!

Immortal Beloved

Immortal Beloved are another new trader for B.O.B this year selling hats, jewellery and trinkets!

They look amazing so I hope you will come and find them on the event field and spend some of your booty with them!


Pan's is a new stall from much loved festival favourites - Ali & Nick King of the Seven Seas Rapscallions, Pirate King & Queen of Swanage Pirate Festival 2019 and regularly seen at pirate events up and down the country in their guises of 'The Dutchess' and 'Captain Teague'.

This year Ali is selling a selection of BEAUTIFUL pirate hats; felt tricorns in various colours, hand finished herself with lovely decorations and particularly perfect for the discerning pirate or child! 

She also sells mermaid crowns, fairy wings, crowns and wands as well as chidren's toy swords, guns, flags, pirate rings and bracelets.

Ali & Nick also do a FANTASTIC authentic display for your viewing pleasure so please do come along and visit as it's a great place to have a photo!

Rhosyn Farm Caterers

Rhosyn Farm Produce will be providing breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of their delicious - home reared meat produce to suit all budgets.

They are a superb, local farm and butchers and they serve a wide variety of delicious meat options as well as a vegetarian/ vegan selection (cooked on a separate grill, of course!)

Their meat is all gluten free, and raised in Carmarthenshire on their farm so it's all lovingly and freshly prepared.

RP Outfitters

Becki 'The Gecko' and her husband, the Count ;-) will be back at B.O.B again this year as official traders, although they have been with us now for 3 years as pirates!

They sell a range of fabulous clothing for the discerning pirate and wench or for those of you who prefer the steampunk style or anyone who just wants to look splendid at special occasions as well as a range of perfect accessories to finish off your outfit!

Come and find them at our indoor market!

Smiler's Coffee Co

Richard Morgan has started a new, local business as Barista so we are delighted be be welcoming another trader to the fold to supply that all important commodity -CAFFEINE!

Smiler's Coffee Co will have a selection of coffees for all palates as well as tea and a selection of milks (including vegan/ vegetarian options).

Do come and see him for your morning coffee! Afternoon tea and anything else in between!

Stagman Creations

Nananananananana STAGMAAAAAN! 

Sorry about that but I can't help it (although I know he secretly loves it so definitely sing it to him when you visit his stall!)

Local man Phil Stagman creates the most wondrous and fantastic leather items including steampunk, pirate, medieval, pagan and gothic style items. He hand carves beautiful patterns and symbols on his goods and they come in a variety of gorgeously dyed colours.

Bracers, hip flasks, keyrings, belts, pouches, bags and so much more as well as other items such as ghillie shirts and various costume items. His stuff is to die for and if you're looking for a very special and unique handbag or other item then give him a look because you won't be disappointed. He also does custom designs so send him a message if you're after something special!

Stardust LARPcraft

Unique, handmade leather goods, clothing and accessories! Stardust are LARP and pirate regulars and can make all manner of wonderful things so don't forget to check out their etsy shop or enquire about a commission!

Armour, bags, belts, and all sorts of accessories for the well-dressed pirate or LARPer to be found here so stop by and visit!

Taliesin Taws

Taliesin Taws are trading with us for the first time this year and you can find them situated in the indoor traders area by Transparent Treasures.

They sell a range of wondrous leather goods, handmade locally and here at Chez Smuggler we are particularly taken with their little leather pouches, each featuring a dragons eye to ward off marauding pirates who might be after stealing your hard-won booty!

Check them out for something really unique!

The Pamper Camper

Come and visit Kelly at the Pamper Camper for facepainting, glitter, spray-on temporary tattoos and body painting!

Lots of lovely designs to choose from to add a bit of sparkle to your look for adults and children alike!

Beard glittering for the gentlemen? a touch of hair glitter? A temporary tattoo for the weekend or full on face decoration!

This year they have a new range of tattoos including glow in the dark ones that are also activated by UV light!

Come and find Kelly indoors to get yours!

The Wooden Spoon Catering Co

Stalwarts of the LARP catering scene, The Wooden Spoon were recommended to us by our very own King George III - having sampled some of their delicious wares at a LARP event!

They provide sumptuous meals, served inside an edible bread bowl and with nothing going to waste, the scoopings from the inside of the 'bowl' are made into bread pudding for afters!

Transparent Treasures

Yet another new trader to visit this year at B.O.B! Transparent Treasures will be indoors and you can find them next to Taliesin Taws.

If you're looking for a really cool piece of glass wear to drink your rum out of then this is the place for you!

They have absolutely stunning, hand-painted glasses in a range of themes from animals to pop culture, films, books and geekery!

Really lovely, colourful and unique drinking vessels and more so come and visit this local trader before you leave!

Tripping On From The Shadows

A new trader to the BOB Pirate family and we think you'll love them!

Tripping On From The shadows sell a range of handmade resin sculptures on fantasy and horror themes.

They are totally handmade and very unique and we think that their themes fit right in with the things we are all into - just take a look at the photo or check them out online!

They will be indoors at BOB so take a wander over to the back of the manor and visit our indoor market.


Back again this year we have the delights of whichcrafty selling handmaid chainmaille wearables as well as the very cool do-it-yourself hyperlynks kits!

If your're looking for something shiny and fabulous to finish off your outfit then take a look at what they have to offer!


Local makers and suppliers of beautiful wooden crafts, specialising in tealight holders and steampunk style lights. 

Yewtimber make wonderful household items and gifts including stands, lights, glass and bottle holders and all sorts of piratey, steampunky, geeky themed stuff!

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