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Eilidh gets away with piracy because she has a stupid name which no-one can pronounce (or duplicate on wanted posters).

To pronounce it properly you must stand on one leg, frown and shake your fist or your head whilst saying    'Ay-lee' or 'Ellie' ...or 'yoo-theeving-rumsoaked-git' depending upon which dialect you favour and whether or not she has just stolen your drink.

Eilidh is the defender of the secret surviving Dodo family.

If you are incredibly lucky over the duration of the pirate festival weekend, you might even catch a glimpse of a Dodo!

Defender of the Dodo

Eilidh Prentice

The Brotherhood is looking for new recruits!

Membership isn't necessary to come the the festival or to many of our events but it only costs £5 for the year and you get loads of cool benefits.

It's a bit like a 'go fund me' for the festival except you get rewards throughout the year.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Amusing and informative newsletters (quarterly, at special occasions & whenever the mood takes me to throw an extra one in!).

  • Discounts from participating festival traders.

  • A members pin to identify each other and a secret 'call and response' password.

  • Access to special quests that you can complete on your own or in groups in order to move through the ranks and access special merchandise & prizes.

  • A birthday club so the Brotherhood never forgets your birthday!

  • And lots more TBC, including some exclusive members only events later in the year!

The founding members come from all over the UK so why not join us?

You can come to our monthly meetings or just meet-up at our event or at other events - you can even organise your own local gatherings if you don't live near enough! 

There are many pirate groups in the UK and we are friends with lots of them! 

There are groups that focus on being historically accurate, groups that specialise in fundraising for charity, groups that like to dress up and socialise and groups that focus on educating people on the history of piracy...there is a group for everyone to help you pirate in whichever way you prefer.

Please contact groups directly on our links page or ask us on our facebook page for advice on groups and events in your area.

BoB doesn't ask any commitments and doesn't have any requirements - its just a means of creating a bit of belonging for anyone who would like to be a part of a something and gives the opportunity for a bit of roleplay when meeting fellow members at other events (if that's your thing).

We want to promote UK piracy, help support other events and groups, give publicity to our traders and raise money for local and national causes.

We also want to drink rum and enjoy ourselves!

Joining BoB doesn't stop you from joining any other groups and gives you access to all the latest news and events and your membership will help us put the festival on.

We have so little money to put this together that we really rely on whatever we can make in donations so please join up using the link and become one of us ARRRRRR!


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