January News!

The New year has begun and preparations are already underway around the UK for the many events that are happening this year.


If you take a look at our 'links page' you can see a list of all known Pirate Events, Pirate Groups and a selection of other events, groups and traders/ performers if you'd like to get in touch with any of them or keep abreast of their latest news!


You can also submit and updates or new events to me using any of the contact details on the website or Facebook Page and I will add your event or group.


Here at Chez Smuggler we are already excited about Brixham Pirate Festival, which is the first big date in the pirate calendar so please do check them out using the links below and most importantly - PLEASE do consider supporting the crowdfunder to make this wonderful event possible.


I KNOW that people spend a lot on accommodation to be there and many people travel vast distances to participate but it's an expensive event to put on and I know that the committee will really appreciate each and every contribution, no matter how small.




B.O.B pirate festival is going to pledge to pay the Brixham Festival crowdfunder £100 - does that sound good? Does that sound crap? Listen on for the full idea!


There are thousands of people who go to the Brixham Pirate Festival so I propose this... we find 300 people willing to put on some sort of 'thing' to pledge to raise £100 for the event!


THAT'S £30,000 if we all manage it! THAT'S VIRTUALLY THE FESTIVAL PAID FOR!


This isn't about being rich or having £100 to donate - feck it, I made the disgustingly small donation of £6 last year - I apologised profusely for the paltry amount and (I think?) I gave more later but I just couldn't afford it at the time...so many of us can't!


But some of us would be able to do a car boot or a raffle or organise a pirate party down the local, or maybe a family picnic? We all come from different areas of the country so we could all try and collect a quid here and there from other people in order to pledge to the Brixham Pirate Festival crowdfunder.


They don't make a profit and they don't take any money for themselves from the event - hell they even pay their own parking fees during the event in some cases so it's not like they (or us) are a corporate or money making event...


Lets have fun up and down the country for the next 3 months while we wait for the first pirate event of the season - so many people are lamenting about lack of pirate events so let's put 'em on ourselves - lets dress up and get out there and get our pirate on!


I know that there are companies in Brixham who love and support the festival and I want to support them while I'm there, I also know that there are some who make an awful lot of money out of it, but who turn away even people with collecting tins on the actual weekend - some of them are even offensively and aggressively anti-pirate despite still reaping the benefits of so many people being there so lets go in with eyes wide open - lets ask the committee (privately in messages) who sponsors them and who doesn't - because the committee are too professional and too polite to expose them publicly! (These opinions are my own and may not reflect the beliefs of the Brixham Committee in any way BTW).


Lets 'take ownership' of the events we love and use our collective power for good! 

We are nurses and teachers, we are doctors and lawyers, we are factory workers, administrators, engineers, designers, salespeople, accountants, agents, retired, unemployed and more! But we are PIRATES and we can do this!


If 300 people pledge to raise £100 in the next 3 months then we can put Brixham Pirate Festival on.


If 50 people do the same for BOB we can put our festival on (actually if I factor in trader fees we only need about 30 people to raise £100 each) ...that's such a small number of people on both counts and we can do it by doing thing we love whilst only spending the same amount personally that we would spend down the local boozer in a night.


Do a boot sale or use boot sale apps so you don't need to leave your house even!

Do a pirate family picnic or pub party

Do a raffle or a paypal/facebook raffle online

Do a sponsored something!

Do a dressing up day in work once a month for £1 a time



Together we can DO this!


It would also be fantastic if anyone is able to offer a few hours of their time to help out over the duration of the weekend. Certainly B.O.B would like some volunteers to help us to supply some children's games and activities at Brixham and I know that there are many other jobs that the committee desperately need help with :-)


Brixham Pirate Festival website - (Check out the volunteering page on the website if you can)

Brixham Pirate Festival Facebook

Brixham Pirate festival Facebook Discussion Group - (For asking questions etc)

Brixham Pirate Festival Crowdfunder


In other news...


We have our first meeting of the year up at our wonderful venue, Llancaiach Fawr Manor, on the 26th January.


Our trader and group registration forms are up and working and this year you can 'drag and drop' your accompanying files and documents straight into the online form - no printing out needed, just fill it in online and click send! Easy!


We are keeping the same low prices for a 3rd year running (£50 for a standard stall) and this year we have indoor spaces available for those that have a priority need - such as delicate stalls or smaller traders who don't have a tent.


These prices are only available for a limited time (cut off date for early bookings is 30th April 2019) so get booked in while its cheap and check out the links below for more information!)







We already have the following traders and acts booked in:



Ceolred Monger

Honest Jim's Wanderin Shop


Bag O' Rags

Stardust LARPcraft

The Wooden Spoon food traders (meals inside an edible bread bowl)

Kim & Karls Burger van

Caths Ferret racing & cuddles (Abington Ferret Rescue)


We also have the wonderful Bob Edwards, wandering minstrel and the amazing Iain, of Volsanger Fame from the Crimson Moon bar (he'll be here all week!)


We have a living history encampment courtesy of Sully Smugglers and others.


We have dancing and performances by the unbeatable 'Cutlasses' ( Parrot ladies)


We have real live Mermaids/


We have games, activities, singing, shanties, face-painting, traders and loads more to look forward to!


I know its cold and wet and snowing and miserable out there at the moment but take heart! The Pirate Festival Season is fast approaching so dust off your kit and start booking your holidays and look forward to a wonderful Summer, filled with piratical shenanigans and good company




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