Who & what, is B.O.B?

December 12, 2018

The Brotherhood Of The Black is comprised of several entities:


1. The B.O.B Pirate Festival, a not-for-profit organisation that runs an annual pirate themed festival at Llancaiach Fawr Manor in Nelson, South Wales, UK.


2. The B.O.B Pirate group, a not for profit organisation that comprises re-enactors and other members from all over the UK for putting on and participating in events.


(Please contact Eilidh Prentice if you'd like to book us for your event)








MOBILE (calls or texts)



3. The B.O.B stall/shop, a for profit enterprise funded by Eilidh Prentice and her husband Andy.


No fundraising or donation money for the running of the festival goes directly or indirectly AT ALL into funding the B.O.B shop and profits from the shop go back into the shop or belong to Eilidh and Andy (which, in reality, have ended up going to fund parts of the festival but may result in personal profits for us at some point in the future).


4. The B.O.B Bar, a festival fundraising entity run by Eilidh, Andy and our partners from the festival committee (Luke & Bex Pitt).


No fundraising or donation money for the running of the festival goes into bar stock or staff wages.

Some festival fundraising money may go towards outfitting our bar area to make it more comfortable for the public (such as decorations, tables, seating and lighting).

The festival bar profits exist to pay for the running of the bar (stock, staff wages and electricity) and any excess profits go back into the running of the festival.

The bar exists this year (2019) purely with the hope of raising sufficient funds to put into running the following year's festival (2020).


Who runs B.O.B?


The Brotherhood Of The Black is the brainchild of Andy Evans and his wife Eilidh Prentice (Evans). 


Eilidh and Andy are assisted, immeasurably in their efforts by the following committee members:


Luke Pitt

Rebecca Pitt

Jon Dixon

Jacqui Dixon


Luke Pitt and Rebecca Pitt run LARP Safety ltd and as such, are incredibly experience at helping to plan and run these kind of events. They are both experts in Health and Safety and First Aid, as well as being veteran re-enactors and LARPers.


You can check their company out at www.larpsafety.co.uk


What does not-for-profit mean in relation to B.O.B?


Nor for profit means that we don't pay ourselves or our committee (except for some festival expenses if we can, such as travel costs and food at the event).


We utilise all fundraising for putting the event on, which means paying for the venue hire, electricity supply, fresh water supply, festival toilets, insurance, advertising, web site fees, skips, props, performers, PA gear, tents/marquees, health and safety equipment, first aid equipment and other similar items, essential for the running of the event (like signs, black powder, pyrotechnics etc)


Any monies collected in charity buckets over the weekend go to the charities named as our 'charities of the year' (yet to be announced for 2019) and all money that we declare as going directly to charities does so.


If you are unsure where your money is going then please ask us.


Some examples are listed below of money that goes to charities:

Money put into labelled charity buckets over the festival weekend

Money raised by participating in some activities over the festival weekend (labelled as charity contributions at the time of paying)


Some examples of money that goes to funding the festival:

Ticket revenue

Camping revenue

Bar profits

Trader fees


Some examples of money that goes into funding the BOB shop:

T-shirt sales

Flag sales

Shop merchandise

(although in reality, a lot of this profit goes directly to paying festival bills as we are usually short of revenue from other sources!)


In the rare event that the BOB shop, Bar and Festival make a profit - we may elect to use some of this to make further charitable contributions but it hasn't happened yet and we think it's sensible to always make sure we have enough to run the following year's event first, before we start giving it away!


If you book the BOB team to run an event or participate in an event for you then this money will firstly go into paying our staff/ performers/ re-enactors and will then go either to charity or to funding the festival as arranged in our discussions with you.


If you wish to see our accounts then please give me enough time to get home after the event and finish off the end of event figures - you can then ask to see them by contacting Eilidh Prentice.





I'd like to help/ get involved/ sponsor you


Brilliant! I'd love you to help out!


Please check out our blog post on helping us out






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