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December 12, 2018

Welcome to the BOB Pirate Festival Information Blog.


This is the place to come if you need to check any essential information about the festival such as 'How to get here', 'Where to park', 'Festival tickets', 'Festival facilities', 'What's on?' etc etc


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1. What are the dates for the BOB Pirate Festival 2019?

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The festival is open to the public on Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September 2019.


Campers who are staying for the whole weekend can also come along anytime during the day on Friday 30th August and once we are finished setting up there will be a Pirate Party in the evening with live music, bar, food vendors, entertainments and a blanket sale. Some traders may also be open Friday afternoon if they're set-up!


2. Whats the deal with camping?

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We allow camping for weekend festival ticket holders.

Camping opens Friday 30th August for arrivals and you get to stay over Saturday and Sunday night if you wish and you can then have a leisurely pack down on Monday 2nd September.


Camping is allowed in 2 areas:

The public camping field and the main event field.


Only living history campers and some traders are allowed to camp in the main event field.

Everyone else can camp in the Public camping field.


We don't have electric hook-ups available.


We allow modern tents, living history tents, caravans and campers and awnings.


Camping can be booked (with weekend festival tickets) through the 'Tickets' page on our website.


Camping is paid on a 'per tent' basis (£25/tent) and we assume a maximum of two adults.

One additional tent for children is allowed free of charge when booked with adult camping.


If you have additional adults in your tent/ awning then please pay a small surcharge per head of £5 extra per adult.


You may bring dogs but please pick up after them and keep them on a lead at all times.


You may have RAISED fires only (raised BBQ's, camping cookers or firepits, for example.

We don't provide firewood I'm afraid.


Please don't play loud music in your camps - we will have security patrolling throughout the night to make sure everyone is safe and that there isn't too much noise late at night.


Camping spaces aren't allocated and its a huge field so you may spread out or go down to the end of the field if you'd prefer.


There is drinking water available from a standpipe at the entrance to the field.


There are portaloo's on the camping field and the indoor toilets stay open all night.


You may park your vehicle next to your tent. Parking is free all weekend.


You are very welcome to bring your own food and drink but please do not bring your own drinks into the bar or onto the event field as we do have our own bar running all weekend and food vendors available.


3. Where are you?

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The festival is being held at Llancaiach Fawr Manor.


The manor address is as follows:

Llancaiach Fawr Manor,



CF46 6ER


Please check out our post called 'How to find us' on the list of posts to the right (or the next post down if you're on a mobile device)


The 'How to find us post has detailed directions for those travelling by car, train, coach, bus and plane!' It also has a series of detailed photos showing a walkthough of the site venue and where to go for camping, parking etc, the basics of which are outlined below.


Turn into the manor and drive through the manor car park (this is for Manor Visitors only)

Keep driving straight on past the manor (which will be to your right)

You will see the entrance to the festival car park on your left

You will see the festival field to your right (and slightly in front)

If you are camping, don't go into the festival car park but drive straight on through the disabled car park and turn left into the camping field.

If you are trading, don't go into the festival car park but drive straight on through the disabled car park and turn right onto the event field.

If you have been allocated a disabled parking spot then please carry straight on and park in the disabled parking area, between the two fields.


Don't forget to look at the 'How to get here' blog post for more detail and photos/maps.


4.I'd like to trade at B.O.B - what do I need to do?

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If you'd like to trader then please check out our traders page using the links on our website.

You will need to fill out a traders form and submit it to me online. I will then assess your application and get back to you ASAP to let you know if we can accommodate you.


Traders do not need to pay for camping.

Traders do not need to buy event tickets.

Traders and their staff get free tickets, which includes partners and children (usually up to a max of 2 adults and 2 children, including yourself - let me know if you have more staff/ kids, its usually not a problem but we rely on ticket money to run the event so it's fairer for us if you don't try to bring loads of people free!


We have reached our allocated allowance for alcohol and food traders at present, although that may change due to cancellations.


This year I have some indoor trading places available in the venues (closed) bar, adjacent to the main festival entrance. These will be allocated according to need (people who cannot trade outside due to the nature of their good or people who don't have a tent and need a small area with a table, for example. Preference will be given to existing traders for these new spaces but I have plenty of room so I expect to be able to accommodate quite a few people indoors.


5. Is the festival disabled friendly?

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We have disabled parking available free all weekend - please contact Eilidh Prentice using one of the methods given below to arrange parking.






MOBILE (texts or calls)

07411 132940


Last year we did have an issue with some people using this car park who shouldn't have been so this car park will now be monitored by festival staff to ensure that only those who are eligible and have booked disabled parking will be allowed in.


There is extra disabled parking in the main festival parking field too, which is very close to the main gate.


We have disabled toilets close to the main entrance/ ticket gate and we also have disabled portaloo's on the event field.


We try our hardest to accommodate disabled traders too so be sure to alert us of any special requirements you have on the traders form.


We are very friendly and we understand that not all disabilities are visible. If you have any queries or concerns then please contact Eilidh Prentice on the details above.


We welcome dogs (on leads) and of course, assistance dogs are also welcome all over the site.


Some of the things that might trigger people or cause anxiety are as follows:


Gun and cannon fire at set times during the day

Sword fighting displays

Ferrets in the ferret racing area

Live parrots on display 

Live music

PA announcements

Small fire pits in the living history area

Dogs (on leads)


If you aren't sure, drop us a line and we will help you with your query.


6. What food and drink vendors will be available?

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The festival bar is being run by the festival itself this year and will be open from Friday afternoon through to Sunday night.


The bar will be serving real ale and cider on tap, a range of spirits and (cold) soft drinks and mead.


There will be a burger van, selling burgers, hot dogs, chips, etc, teas and coffees, cold drinks, bacon and sausage sandwiches and breakfasts.


There will also be 'Anything but the wooden spoon', who sell a wonderful selection of hot meals inside an edible, bread 'bowl', alongside the bowl 'innards' used for bread pudding!


There are vegetarian and vegan options available from both our hot food vendors and we will also have gluten free options and hot drinks/ snacks available from our coffee van (which also does veg/vegan/gluten and dairy free snacks/ milk options)


Please check out our traders page for more information and to look at our food and drink vendors web sites or ask questions.


7. Where can I get news and announcements about BOB festival?

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Please check us out at the social media sites listed below to get news, announcements, special offers and to listen to (or indeed, participate in) our pre-festival banter.


You can also ask our friendly Facebook crew if you have any queries!


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