Live pirate folk music from this popular band - visiting us from Hastings!

Full of energy, enthusiasm and pir-attitude, these guys are really making a name for themselves on the UK pirate scene and we are delighted to have them booked in for our Saturday night entertainment.

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There are many Jack Sparrow impersonators throughout the country but WE LOVE our Jax Parrow!

He is Disney Licensed, CRB/DRB checked, fully insured and a real professional.

Our Captain Jack is absolutely brilliant and he's hilarious fun! You can find him wandering about, interacting with our other re-enactors and performers and playing with the public all day.

He brings a real injection of energy, fun and playfulness to the event and is forever getting himself embroiled in shenanigans so come and meet him and don't forget your cameras to get a picture with the man himself!

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 Make sure you come and see the excellent Jolly Roger in their first foray into the world of BOB Pirate Festival!

Hailing from the traditional pirate haven of Penzance, in deepest Cornwall, this pirate folk three piece have hung up their cutlasses, exchanged their galleon for a land ship (named Hubert Cumberdale) and taken to a life of music.

With a mixture of upbeat folk music, some original pirate material and some good old fashioned sea shanties, Jolly Roger are bound to warm your cockles!

The very first song we heard from them, here at 'Chez Smuggler' had us blown away - you're going to LOVE them!

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jolly roger image 1.jpg


 This band too, are visiting BOB for their first year and we are excited to introduce this new formation of artistes who have been performing locally for years.

This husband and wife duo blend vocals and fiddle to provide a mix of traditional and modern folk songs in the English and Celtic vein. They will be performing during the day over the weekend for everyone and on Sunday night for our weekend camping guests!


Ferret cuddles and ferret racing throughout Saturday & Sunday from these delightful fuzzy ferretlings. The Ferret refuge is one of our charities so please come and have a ferret fondle and support them!

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Bob is a wandering minstrel and can be found all over the site, stopping by to sing one of his family-friendly ditties as inspiration strikes him! He has been known to sing songs to our lovely ferrets and can sometimes be found in cahoots with Volsanger!


A small yet bountiful troupe of burlesque dancers, based in Cornwall, who regularly appear in caberet/vaudeville nights.

They feature stunning and unusual costumes, exciting dance routines and the occasional song to boot!

Talented, beautiful and full of fun, these ladies will be an instant hit with BOBlings!


If you are a re-enactment group, solo performer, musician or anyone else who would like free entry to the event in return for performing at the festival then please get in contact with me using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

You can fill out our group/ performer application form here

We have very limited funds at present so we are not able to offer expenses this year although this may change once the fundraising has started. 

I value you all and I don't expect anyone to perform for free but we are a not-for-profit venture and we are trying to raise money for charity through the festival and we aren't yet big enough to fund performers so I am looking for volunteers only at this point in time.

As the festival grows and matures then it is the people who supported us at the beginning that will be the first to be offered any payment that we are able to make in future years.

We are looking for pirate groups to take part in our living history camp and fighting displays and we will ask for information such as your group insurance policy and risk assessment in order to enable you to fight and showcase yourselves.

Please get in touch if you would like to be part of the event this year:

Eilidh Smuggler (Facebook)

This plage will be updated with further information as necessary but please explore our facebook group ( or check out the rest of the website for further information about the event and how to get here etc.