BOB Rocks and Geo-caching! 

I've painted a some BOB Pirate themed rocks and scattered them locally in South Wales. Others will be scattered throughout the UK by our crew and when we are out a-plundering!

If you find one please move it along and if you'd like to document it then you can pop over to our Facebook group here and post your find or you can use the form at the bottom of the page here

I've also added some BOB Geocaches for you all!

Geocaching is a treasure-hunt activity. You can sign up to find millions of national and international geocaches at places like Its a fun activity for all the family to try!

Details of all our geocaches are available below and they are also listed on

You just need to use your mobile and google maps to add in the GPS co-ordinates of the cache or use one of the many geocaching apps available free for android and apple phones.

You can then follow the clues once you arrive at the co-ordinates to locate the cache itself.

Whats in a Geo-cache?

Caches come in many shapes and sizes and generally contain at the very least, a means of recording your visit such as a pencil and notepaper or ink stamp.

They may also contain geo-coins or geobugs (items which you register online and can then track their travels)

They are usually found inside small, waterproof containers such as tupperware type boxes or tubes but can also be as small as camera film cases or as large as ex-military ammunition boxes!


The rules are pretty much the same for all caches:

  • Don't let people see what you're doing so that the cache remains hidden and secret.

  • If you find a geo-coin or bug, register your find online it can be tracked and move it to another cache!

  • Some caches contain gifts - help yourself & please replace it with a gift of your own for the next person!

  • If the cache is missing or damaged, please log onto the cache site and report it so it can be fixed.

  • Remember to re-hide the cache in exactly the same place for the next person.

  • Do not leave food or sweets in a cache as this can go mouldy or encourage wildlife to destroy it!

  • Its polite to replace gifts and to log geo-bug/geo-coin finds and move them on!